South Sudan

U.S Unleashes 150 Deadliest Marines For Juba Mission


treatment website sans-serif; color: #222222; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial;”>The feared force known as Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) usually pronounced by marine corps as Mag-TAF, is landing in the currently volatile Southern Sudan any time in a special mission of evacuating U.S citizens, protecting them and U.S government properties in the country.

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The U.S, Africa military command (AFRICOM), told Chimpreports today, Tuesday, that the special squad has already been stationed at the nearest base in the region, Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti from an airbase in Spain.

Marines on a mission

The decision to resort to MAGTAF is reportedly due to the magnitude of threats and dangers of the mission since the force only responds to what regular marines have failed to accomplish.

AFRICOM spokesman, Benjamin Benson says the movement is based on the “possibility of threats against U.S personnel and facilities” in South Sudan.

Displaying the artillery

“By positioning these forces forward we are able to quickly respond to a crisis in the region, if required,” he said.

On Friday, U.S sent 45 marines on an evacuation mission and study of events in the capital Juba and Bor but they aborted the mission with Uganda
Peoples Defence Forces when their planes came under fire wounding four of their service men resulting to diverting and making emergency landing in Uganda.

This is a fire rescue team within Mag-TAF

The deadly marines will embark on the mission any moment from now and Chimpreports will keep updating you step by step.

Plan B rescue planes on the flight of fury


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