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BREAKING: Machar Agrees To Peace Talks


approved geneva; line-height: 200%; font-size: small;”>Machar has just told Radio France Internationale (RFI), that he is fully ready for talks.

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“Yes we are ready for talks. I have formed my delegation,” he told Radio France Internationale (RFI), adding that the negotiations would likely be held in Ethiopia.

“I also spoke this morning to (US) Secretary of State, John Kerry, and I spoke to the foreign minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, explained to him my readiness for talks,” Machar said.

Machar says he wants a democratic nation and nothing more.

How events unfolded over the day:

Today morning, the UN Assistant Secretary General, Toby Lanzer, said his team would brave their way to Bentui where it was reported that number of NGO workers were summarily executed yesterday.

He said that three things were very vital to empower the UNMISS against attacks: More troops, more helicopters and real time imagery. “Member states should consider.”

Then at around 1pm, heavy fighting broke out in Bor between SPLA and Gen Peter Gadet’s rebels.

By evening, SPLA had already overpowered the rebels and recaptured key states in Bor.

“We have taken control over the Pan-pandiar army headquarters and Malual-chaat village, both 5 kilometres away from Bor town, where the fighting started last Wednesday,” announced army spokesman, Col Phillips Aguer.

He added:”We expect that we retake Bor within 72 hours”.

SPLA troops converged from different positions closing in on Bor forcing the rebels to retreat.

Gen Gadet who was residing and commanding from Mareng, a few kilometres from Bor, summoned his armies but they fled from Bor.

SPLA summoned elite soldiers from all divisions and converged them in Bor

Gadet’s rebels started retreating westwards.

“Bor, the capital of Jonglei state has fallen to the government forces,” announced the Defence Minister, Kuol Manyang Juuk.

President Kiir also confirmed that Bor had been taken back.

Immediately, President Salva Kiir called a press briefing in Juba.

“The loyal forces of this government have taken Bor and they are clearing some pockets around Bor,” Kiir told the press.

“I reaffirmed my commitment to dialogue and renewed talk offers to Dr. Riek, Yau Yau and others still fighting.”

Bentui Mission:

Just minutes after the recapture of Bor town in Jonglei state, now the SPLA elite commandos have been summoned and shortlisted for the deadliest mission: the recapture of Bentui oil state.

SPLA elite commandos who captured Bor and are now set for Bentui

The army spokesperson, Col Philips Aguer, has just told our sources that Bentui is the next on the line.

“Now that we have Bor in full swing, next is Bentui,” Aguer told our sources.

Meanwhile, 150 U.S marines have already been stationed and they will be joining SPLA in their assault on Bentui oil state any minute from now.

Bentui fell into the hands of Maj Gen James Koang who defected last week accusing President Salva Kiir of targeting Nuer ethnicities.

The defection came immediately after Gen Gadet being driven from his bases in Bor still Jonglei state by air force bombardment.

Now, SPLA is “cooking up” a plan to launch a final assault and take back the oil producing state.


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