Ugandans Fire Back At UK Tycoon: Invest Your Money In Hell!

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“Ugandan MPs have passed a new law making homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment. The law also means people who do not report gay people can be sent to prison.”

He went ahead to add on the same blog with the catchphrase “let people love whoever they want”, that “I have been courted by various people and government officials to do business in Uganda. I was seriously considering it”.

“However, the dreadful witch hunt against the gay community and lifetime sentences means it would be against my conscience to support this country.”

Branson also observed that “I would urge other companies worldwide to follow suit. Uganda must reconsider or find it being ostracised by companies and tourists worldwide”.

The Economist published a graphic showing where homosexuality is illegal in 2013, which makes for distressing viewing.

More than 80 countries worldwide criminalise homosexuality, with the death penalty in place in five countries and areas of Nigeria and Somalia, went on Branson.

“Governments must realise that people should be able to love whoever they want. It is not for any government (or anyone else) to ever make any judgements on people’s sexuality. They should instead celebrate when people build loving relationships that strengthen society, no matter who they are.”

Ugandans shoot back:

Chimpreports run an opinion poll this morning soliciting Ugandans’ views on the subject and like we promised you dear readers, we have put together your responses.

Here is what Ugandans have told Branson in their own voices, in their own words.

Harimwomugasho Francis: Tell that investor that Uganda is not UK. You take us with our culture and if you don’t want us the way we are, try some ropes to hang yourself.

Uganda in the whole world is the only country proud of its poverty and its people still look healthy. I don’t support the bill but for somebody to condition us like his dogs is absurd. To hell! To hell! To hell! You imperialist investor!

I hate blackmail that is why I never blackmail. If you want to blackmail us, you just unite us against yourself. Can somebody tell me what this son of a bitch (sorry puppy) deals in, and we stop buying it. Fool, fool, fool!

Olwoch Collins: Was he coming to invest in the promotion of same sex marriage? Let him go to hell.

Ogugu J Ogugu: That’s even better for us. We want to invest in our own country. He had better stay away!!!

Iduwat Ochom: Is he coming for business or sodomy? Or is sodomy his business? Lousy chap just. Let him go to Iran!!!

Didi Gargash Musa: Was he waiting till it’s passed into a law to invest? I think these kinds of string attached help or investments we do not need. Let him kindly be informed that, we are a God fearing nation and we are moving on even without his investment and if he so has one, we would be happy to see him pull out in favour of passing it into a law.

Let him hung. To hell with his investments. Proudly Ugandan, for God and my Country.

Sanyu Sylivia: Let him go and hung himself!

Katsigazi Eve: Useless tycoon, let him invest in America and we are not interested.

Godfrey Cobra Rusikire: He was not coming to invest; maybe he was coming for his personal interest in Sodomy. That’s even good news that he is turning away coz of the anti-gay law; we should instead have more laws that can keep at the bay agents of evil in our society.

Laban Maanigamukama: Was he going to invest in gay men? Let him invest elsewhere!

Denis Turyaheebwa: Was he coming to invest in sodomy?? How much does UK invest here? We better survive with our badly behaved Asians than those demons!

Oplyn Gerald Geroh: Let him expose his under humanity somewhere else.

Kafura Brian let him get the money he intended to invest and stuck it into his…we don’t need such conditioned investment aimed at eroding our moral backbone.

Oder David: And who told him we want money from gays? Stupid him, that’s the problem of a fool having money.

Mutebi Stephen Yawe: Chimpreports, I would rather you attached a link to your story so that we can comment directly on that story. In that way, it’s easier for that investor to know what people here think about his stupidity and obscenity.

Edgar Muvunyi Tabaro: I have the greatest respect for his entrepreneurial skills and acumen- I also have no quarrels with anyone who chooses to torture their shit exits with objects not designed for their entry- but when Britain legislates against immigrants (read Sub Saharans- do we rant about?) how I wish his parents were gay- we would have been saved a condescending pumpkin!!

Mohammed Musa: Let him go to hell with his money.

Yuot Daniel Wolathiem: Let him go to hell because those people have lost their culture and respect for God’s creation. Therefore, they want to do the same here in Africa, without them, we can still live comfortably so let’s not be intimidated. God bless Africa!

Muggega Warhie: Richard, can go to hell, Uganda is already existing even without him investing a penny in our loved country. All Europeans who are concerned can go and hang themselves.

Byakurama Benon: Let him go 2hell with his money!

Isaaks Cunnilingham: who tells this virgin man that we are sluts?

Mugasho Bright: Let him leave, we shall not develop with their money attached with their immorality. Let him go to his home and invest there. Thanks.

Danho De Morais: Fake imperialist investor! To hell with his investment, this is not UK and we don’t erode people’s…

Kitone S Augustine: Let him invest inside his…a million pound times! Idiot.

Robert Mayanja: we are better off without “bam” investors.

Patrick Ambayo: Tell that hooligan to invest in another country like Uruguay where homosexuality is allowed, we don’t want a hooligan to invest in our country Uganda. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

Sande Eric: It’s better off to let him go and hung!

Irasi Newton: He can use his money somewhere else, we don’t need it.

Francis Gerald: we shall not worry, we have our oil! To hell with his gay money!

Masaba Michael: why Uganda in particular?? Hell is open for him.

We shall bring to you other views of Ugandans who commented and the views of those who support Branson so as to balance the argument.


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