Archbishop Ntagali Attacks Church of England Over Gayism


see geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Rev Ntagali revealed that the Church of England is now recommending that same sex relationships be blessed in the church which he vowed to fight in his own church.

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“Even though they (Church of England) are our mother, we want to appeal to the public to know that we can’t and we will not go in that direction,” Ntagali emphasised.

He then added: “We will insist and with our other GAFCON brothers and sisters, we will stand with those in the Church of England who continue to uphold the bible as the word of God and promote biblical faith and morality.”

Ntagali, who doubles as the archbishop of the province of Uganda, appealed to the Christians to take time to realise that the only thing keeping Christians from knowing how close Jesus is to them, is sin.

“Don’t let this Christmas be about eating meat and buying new clothes. Let this be the Christmas when you invited Jesus Christ to your heart.”

Rev. Ntagali observed that after his study tour in the holy land, he realised that “we boldly proclaim and that we are not shamed”.

“We believe the bible is the authoritative word of God that tells us the truth but unfortunately, some of us in the Anglican Church no longer believe in the bible as the infallible word of God,” he pressed on.

“We are also determined to refuse anything that contradicts the biblical authority without fear or compromise.”

Ntagali further noted that 1,358 delegates worldwide are planning to come to Uganda including 169 delegates from other countries.

He appealed to Ugandans to join them in this struggle to protect “our God given rights”.

Wilberforce Luwalira, the bishop of Namirembe, also added his voice stating that “we are very concerned that our mother Church of England is moving in every dangerous direction”.

“They are following a path that the Americans in the Episcopal Church took that caused us to break communion with them ten years ago,” Luwalira said.

He also advised Ugandans to give up corruption which he said is “choking our development and growth as a country. That’s why God scarified and gave his only son to be the saviour of the world”.

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