South Sudan

UN Tanks Roll Into Bor, Jonglei State

information pills web sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Just a day after withdrawing all “non-critical” staff members, no rx the approved sans-serif; color: #222222;”>international body is reportedly preparing for the “worst” as forces loyal to the defected Gen. Peter Gadet who is still in control of strategic positions in the state capital, prepares to engage forces loyal to President Salvar Kiir who have massively organised to take back the town.

The UN Assistant Secretary General, Toby Lanzer, who cancelled an open interface with the press yesterday in Bor, issued a recorded video message saying the security environment in the town is so volatile that they don’t need to wait for the repeat of the Thursday attack that claimed 20 civilians and two peace keepers.

“It’s been difficult but we’ve been reinforcing the base. We have been literally digging and reinforcing the position for the last 36 hours.

We will not allow a repeat of what has already struck us in Akobo,” says UN Assistant Secretary General in South Sudan, Toby Lanzer, who is currently in Bor, in a UN-produced video.

Faced with the immense threat against 15,000 civilians and their own staff, UN is also reportedly going to transfer most of its man power in the region to the currently precarious S. Sudan exacerbated by numerous guns in the hands of civilians and former combatants.

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, was quoted as saying, “We are now actively trying to transfer our assets from other peacekeeping missions like MONUSCO (in the Democratic Republic of Congo) and some other areas.”

Gen Koang Warns

Much as SPLA under Kiir boast of taking over Bor, the important parts of the Jonglei state capital is said to be under General Gadet and Kiir’s forces are just in preparations to take back the town.

However, Maj Gen. James Koang has warned that he is going to teach Kiir’s forces a lesson they shall never forget.

Speaking to South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) Gadet says, “If Kiir wants to attack my forces, let him do it, but, I assure you he will regret and not only that, he will soon get a lesson”.

We shall keep you updated as events unfold.


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