Kenyatta: Security Vital For Tangible Dev’t


ed sickness geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>President Kenyatta said the Government has put in place the necessary mechanisms to ensure security of Kenyans and their property during the festive season.

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website geneva; color: #333333; font-size: small;”>Speaking at Kimalel Cultural fair and goat auction, the President warned those planning criminal activities during the festive season that the Government is vigilant and will decisively deal with them.

“Let us avoid petty politics that only divide Kenyans. We should work together towards national unity for Kenyans to co-exist harmoniously and engage in activities that uplift their standards of living,” he said.

The President asked communities still practising outdated cultures of livestock rustling to discard the tradition for meaningful peace and development.

“In this digital age, Kenyans need to drop cultures practiced by their fore-fathers and move forward. Cattle rustling is theft and therefore criminal. There is nothing traditional about stealing from one another.”

The President urged county governments to identify unique resources within their jurisdiction to exploit for education of children and to grow their economies.

He said education was the cornerstone of sustainable development hence the need to facilitate quality education for all children to prepare them for future leadership roles in the country.

He commended the country’s second President, Daniel Arap Moi, for initiating the goat auction programme to enable the livestock owners to raise money for their children education.

President Kenyatta also thanked Baringo Governor, Mr. Benjamin Cheboi, for facilitating the goat auction revival. The re-launched goat auction raised ksh 9.8m.

He challenged other county governments to identify and utilise unique resources within their jurisdictions to grow their economies.

On South Sudan, the President said the Government was concerned by the deteriorating security and was monitoring the developments to ensure safety of Kenyans working and living in the neighbouring country.

“The government is making arrangements to evacuate all Kenyans willing to leave that country for home. The Government is also ensuring security of its citizens remaining in South Sudan,” he added.

He encouraged leaders in South Sudan to start negotiations for return of peace and security in their country.

President Kenyatta assured leaders in South Sudan that his Government was ready and willing to facilitate dialogue for peace and tranquillity to be restored.

“Kenya brokered a peace agreement between the Sudan and South Sudan after 50 years of civil war. Kenya is still ready to offer any form assistance to the neighbouring country to restore peace,” he added.

Deputy President, William Ruto, pledged Government’s commitment to work with governors in harnessing unique initiatives in the counties to create new avenues for economic growth.

Mr Ruto paid tribute to the country’s second President Moi for laying a firm foundation for peace and national unity during his term of office.

He particularly thanked the former President for initiating many development projects including the goat auction aimed at uplifting the living standards in the country.

The goat auction founder, former President Moi urged parents to educate their children so as to minimise domestic conflicts.

The former President said most of domestic disagreements are attributable to low level of literacy among family members.

He urged Kenyans to support President Kenyatta’s Government to maintain security and realise its transformational agenda for the country.


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