Fans Quiz Luzinda On Age, Marriage


this site http://chopcult.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/templates/images/secure.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Luzinda labored to explain to fans some of sticky and private issues that have never been addressed.

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buy more about geneva;”>Some fans asked the singer whether she was considering joining the television industry.

“I love television and am one of the best talented presenters Uganda has but everything has its time. Talent is inborn and I am certain I will do it sooner than you know,” said Luzinda.

Luzinda at a music concert

Another fan asked the music star about his birthplace. “Ibanda is my home so yes. Even this year am gonna be there.”

Some curious fans asked Luzinda to shed light on her true age.

“There’s no crime in being old. We definitely have to grow unless you wanna die,” the singer responded, elusively.

On maintaining good looks and awesome figure, Luzinda pointed at good nutrition.

“Trying to eat less, taking plenty of water, supplements and walking help keep in shape,” she advised.

Reacting to queries about her single status and relationship with city tycoons, the musician fired back: “Marriage is just a ring but I am happier than most married people and that’s what matters most. However, if ever I feel like I’ve met the right one, I will get married but am not in any rush.”

On negative tabloid reports, the singer said she is not always surprised considering her social status.

Luzinda at a recent function

“Knowing that you’re in the limelight you can’t always have the positive criticisms so one leaves room for all. One’s question determines his level of thinking I must say…”

An inquisitive fan, who hailed Luzinda’s striking fashion sense, would later press the celebrity on whether she ever reserves time for church.

“Everyone has a God they serve and I don’t have to invite the world to see that am going to church. God knows our hearts. Psalm 26:2,” said Luzinda.

Entertainment pundits say social media is one of the platforms celebrities can exploit to create and maintain a huge fan base.


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