Top 10 Poorest Federation Performers


sildenafil geneva; color: #222222;”>abortion geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>1-Susan Anek: She is the president of Uganda Netball Federation.

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In her regime, the team has managed to scoop two major trophies (African Women Netball Championship and Six Nation’s Tournament) this year, but, those ladies suffered a terrible financial crisis at her watch.

She Cranes has to cry out for finances whenever they are going for a tournament.

The Netball League hasn’t ended up to now because of minor issues that can easily be solved by her Federation.

She has laid no foundation for the league since there is no relegation or promotion in the Uganda Netball League.

2-Moses Magogo: He is the president of Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).

He has managed to secure sponsorship for the Cranes and the Big League but he has never take time to meet referees who are influential in the game of football.

No need to meet them but since his taking over (now four months back) they (referees) have never received any coin to officiate the league.

Worse still, it is in his regime that Cranes players were paid Shs 10,000 for transport from Entebbe airport to their destinations because the Cranes’ bus couldn’t be fuelled to pick the players.

3-Dominic Otuchet: He is the president for Uganda Athletics Federation.

Despite impressive athletes’ performances this year, he has failed to woe new kit sponsors ever since his administration made a mess that scared away Puma from sponsoring Uganda in terms of kits.

Apart from natural talents, he has failed to attract the other Kiprotichs and Kipsiros of this country.

4-Cedric Babu: He is the head of Uganda Lawn Tennis Association.

He has done absolutely nothing this year as far as developing the game is concerned.

In fact, Ugandan tennis players like Duncan Mugabe and David Oringa have gone down as far as their rankings are concerned.

5-Samuel Muwonge Mahaba: He has been the Cycling Federation president for a while and has just been re-elected this year.

On the international scene, Uganda hasn’t been represented well and that Mahaba says is “no money” and you wonder whether mobilising funds for the Federation to facilitate participants is another person’s duty, not his!

6-Hassan Ssekirime: He is the Kick-boxing Federation president but apart from leaving Golola to lift the game, he only stays in office to ask for sanctioning fees and the like.

Paving way for other kick-boxers to have international exposure is still his biggest challenge.

Moses Golola, Titus Tugume, Sharif Bukenya and Ronald Mugula in the ring, is all you ever hear as if they are the only kick-boxing specialists.

7-Bbosa Kiyingi: It is as if he acquired the leadership of Uganda Professional Boxing Commission from Celestine Mindra, to show how his regime can sleep.

Save for Joseph, no other boxer had any title fight this year.

As a matter of fact, only three continental and international professional fights have been held in Uganda this year.

8-Sam Ssengendo: This one has been in rowing and canoeing for quite some time but they produced only one participant in only one continental event.

Uganda had the lowest presentation in the Tunisia championship and again performed poorly.

But for the case of fighting to stay in power, no doubt, they have done that.

9-Twaha Ddungu: He has been in Body Building Federation for a while.

He failed to secure a visa for Ivan Byekwaso to participate in an event in UK that would have improved his ranking internationally.

10-Salim Musoke: He has been in the Weight Lifting Federation for a while but since he took his friends and family members to international events calling them national team materials, the Federation totally went to the dogs.

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