Couples Urged On HIV Testing

adiposity recipe geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Martin Kiiza, medical doctor the general secretary for National Council for Children in Uganda, says that, HIV has reduced among the newborns due to government’s plea to mothers to go for testing when pregnant and in this way; many babies have been saved from acquiring HIV/AIDS from their mothers at birth.

“Couples are also advised to go together for testing and in case one is infected, they should stay together and give each other care and advice instead of resorting to divorce and related problems,” Kiiza added.

Kiiza continued to say that, when found negative, these couples have to be faithful to one another for the good of their children and families.

He called upon doctors who carry out such tests to give counselling services to such people and avoid scaring them about the disease instead of comforting them.

“These couples should visit healthy centers where testing and services are offered,” he continued.

In Uganda today, over 19,000 children live a positive life and among the couples, men do not want to be tested as they fear their results coming out as positive.

The unmarried couples are also advised to go for testing before engaging in sex in order to reduce on the number of those infected.

Teachers in schools where children with this disease study from are called upon to make sure that they comfort them and ensure that they take up their drugs in time.


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