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EXCLUSIVE:SPLA Elite Commandos Paraded For Assault On Bentiu


information pills sans-serif;”>We have also learnt starting last night; the SPLA has been heavily short-listing elite forces for the offensive to take back Unity State.

Chimpreports also yesterday exclusively reported about the high command meeting of SPLA called by the Commander-in-chief, Gen. Kiir, to iron out a way forward for taking back the lost positions.

Well, sources have tipped us that SPLA is engaged in a massive action now, mobilising, finalising the short-listing of an elite force to launch an assault aimed at taking back Bentiu.

“SPLA elite commandos are already set and they will be taking on the mission anytime from now,” a source told Chimpreports.

Insiders have also observed that the governmental forces are confident that very soon, Bentiu will be in their hands again.

Gen Koang’s defection

Maj Gen Koang is now the former 4th division commander of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army in the economic strategic oil producing Unity State.

Chimpreports has confirmed that the information about his defection which started trickling in this Saturday afternoon.

Our sources apologised for the late delivery on information citing the current communication impasse but, they noted, Koang actually defected on Friday.

“We would have informed you in time if it had not been for a communication breakdown. That’s why even the SPLA leadership learnt about today, Saturday,” sources explained.

The SPLA spokesman Col. Philip Aguer today confirmed to agencies that they lost contact with General Koang on Friday and said “the general must have defected to the mutineer former Vice President Riek Machar’s forces” which has turned out to be true.

“We have lost contact with the commander and there are reports he has joined the forces of Riek Machar,” affirmed army spokesman Philip Aguer this afternoon, quickly adding that government forces were still in control of the area”.

Gen. James Koang after defecting and taking over 4th division and Bentiu town has now declared himself governor and sacked all ministers and commissioners in the rich oil producing state.

According to sources, only lower level officials will continue with work in Bentiu which now is under defector Koang’s mutineers.

“Both the acting governor of the unity state and the deputy fled the state on Friday,” a source told Chimpreports.

Immediately after takeover, Koang moved swiftly to sack all ministers and other top government officials who have been controlling Bentiu oil state.

Reports reached us this afternoon confirming that another top commander Maj Gen James Koang had joined Riek Machar and Gen Peter Gadet seizing Bentiu oil state.

Only yesterday, reports revealed that clashes had broken out in Bentiu oil state as Dinka and Neur soldiers engaged each other in armed conflict.

According to reports, the Neur soldiers (loyal and tribesmen to Riek Machar) emerged winners of the conflict that broke out in the 8th army division forcing the Dinka rivals to flee to a UN base.

SPLA army spokesperson, Philip Aguer, too confirmed that Maj Gen Koang’s action of joining forces with Gen Gadet and their boss Riek Machar.

“We have lost contact with the commander and there are reports he has joined the forces of Riek Machar,” Aguer was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, fighting continues in South Sudan.


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