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Burua’s Defence Of 10 Dirtiest Rally Drivers


thumb stuff geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>viagra sans-serif;”>Here is Burua’s full defence of the 10 dirtiest rally drivers 2013:

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This piece (the first article naming the 10 dirtiest drivers by Elly Kyeyune) has some elements of misinformation.

1) Sembabulide didn’t roll; the fans were poorly positioned in Masaka.

2) Omar cannot be held responsible for drivers’ actions when they go wrong. The four drivers were wrongly banned due to some other differences not directly related to laws of the game.

3) Shafique and Susan have been on recess this year and chose to drive selected events. It’s organisers of events who put their name on entry lists without their consent, an issue many drivers have complained about.

4) Damaging a car during rally is common due to the speeds and risks but not reckless driving.

5) Peter Kakaire and Nasser chose not to drive the 2013 season but are active spokespersons for the drivers’ welfare body.

Defending drivers’ interests against FMU is not antagonism but standing up for drivers’ rights. Standing for those rights is the reason why the four drivers were banned.

6) Duncan and Nasser are friendly drivers and regularly interact with fans to the extent of attending all fans’ get together parties as well as other drivers’ functions.

7) Ponsiano was not “cheating” points. Use of the time sheets was an anomaly clarified by the stewards of that rally, same way it was clarified for Jas during Independence rally and Duncan during UMOSPOC rally.

What do you clarify as a dirty/careless driver? What parameters are you using?

Good questions! Maybe we should put it to the public and see what they think!


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