South Sudan

UN Assistant Sec. General Braves Way To Bor


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Among his first observations was the “heartbreaking accounts of children separated from their parents in Bor” and he suggested that there is need for “child reunification programmes”.

“Many foreign nationals amongst the 15,000 civilians in our UNMISS base in Bor: we’ll need help with this important dimension to the crisis,” Lanzer tweeted on his account.

African Union (AU) intervenes

Lanzer visit to Bor comes at a time when the AU mission in Juba, comprising of the chair who is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the current chair of AU Hon Okello Henry Oryem, ministers for Foreign Affairs from Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and the AU Commissioner of Peace and Security are laying grounds to engage the fighting factions in peace talks.

The purpose of this mission is to get the government and all other parties to immediately engage in this dialogue as the only viable and sustainable solution to the crisis.

The Public Relations Officer at the ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fred Opoloti has said that the government of Uganda “has taken the necessary arrangements to airlift the seven identified Ugandans injured in the South Sudan conflict using the UPDF helicopters including those who have voluntarily decided to come back to Uganda”.

“This mission is urging all the parties in the current crisis in South Sudan with the expectation to mobilise South Sudanese for calm, tolerance, patience, national unity and forgiveness and to retrain from any statements or utterances that may aggravate the situation,” Opoloti noted.

Finally, they will further urge for immediate commencement of the dialogue by all parties.

In the mean time, the Government of Uganda has taken the necessary arrangements to air-lift the seven (7) identified Ugandans injured in the South Sudan conflict using the UPDF helicopters, including those who have voluntarily decided to come back to Uganda.

Civil War or possible genocide?

Clashes are reported to have broken out between the Dinka and Neur soldiers in the economically strategic oil producing state of Unity State Capital of Bentiu resulting into fleeing of some soldiers to UNMISS base in

According to sources, soldiers in the Unity State of 4th division (also parts of 8th division) started grouping along tribal lines of Neur and Dinka and positioning for eventualities.

The Dinka Forces Camp reportedly got nervous in the town and a state only dominated by two tribes of Neur who are majority and Dinka, the minority, started firing bullets which the other camp also immediately responded to.

The number casualties is not out yet but 900 civilians have reportedly taken refuge at UNMISS also confirmed by Contreras currently in Rugbona, the administrative centre of the Unity state.

It is for the same reason that Gen Peter Gadget one of the highest ranking officers broke away from SPLA and captured Jonglei state accusing President Salva Kiir, a Dinka, of targeting Neur tribes.

It is still believed to be the same reason why mutineers attacked UN bases and massacred fleeing refugees.

Sources have told Chimpreports that Juba crisis is no longer a question of army mutiny but a case of tribes imbrued in a genocide against each other.


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