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ActionAid Struggles With Pakistani Gang Rape Scandal


look geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>It emerged Thursday that Mbabazi, whom ActionAid was assisting to get justice after being abused by a group of Pakistani nationals employed by YUASA, was in a very pathetic health condition and unable to eat.

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Enraged Ugandans quickly took to social media platforms, attacking the NGO of being greedy and feasting on Mbabazi’s misery through collection and swindling of funds from the Pakistani Embassy.

The latest development has put ActionAid in the eye of the storm, with many wondering why it took up a responsibility it could not execute to the end.

It is also feared that a one Ambrose of ActionAid received shs300m from the Pakistan embassy in Kampala to “kill” the case.

However, ActionAid quickly filed a rebuttal to the negative media coverage of the scandal, saying it “identifies and stands with the women and girls facing all forms of injustice” and that it has “provided and facilitated access to justice with dignity to thousands of women in Uganda and in the world.”

ActionAid also denied having received money from the Pakistan mission in Kampala.

It also revealed that Mbabazi has been under its custody and care since October 15 2013.

“She was temporarily relocated to Kibweera Cell LC1, Nyakinengo Parish, Biharwe Sub County in Mbarara District on December 11 upon her request and consent to a home she identified with. This request was reviewed and certified by her Counsellor who said it would facilitate her healing process,” the NGO’s statement reads in part.

ActionAid appears not to have provided adequate care to the rape victim as her health condition remains in a terrible state.

It was reported that her private parts were bleeding as she also struggled to walk.

The NGO defended Mbabazi’s resettlement process, saying it was witnessed by Mbarara District and local officials.

“She was relocated with all the necessary logistics and emergency fund for quick response in case it would be needed,” said the statement, seen by Chimpreports on Friday, without revealing the amount of money handed to Mbabazi.

Some of the suspects in the gang-rape saga have been charged and remanded at Luzira prison while two others are on the run.

For more information on this developing scandal, please text or call 0712609665

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