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Top 10 Dirtiest Rally Drivers In 2013


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If there is anyone we forgot or you think should be on the selection, we await your comments.

1-Ponsiano Lwakataka: More controversies in motorsport begin with this driver who came 3rd in his own club’s organised rally, the Freedom City challenge rally.

Rwakataka in action

He was found guilty of using two time cards, something unacceptable in the game.

The dirty side of it; he wanted to grab points by cheating.

In the Masaka MPU challenge rally, he organised a gang of people to stop the rally after him being denied a chance to take part in this rally for late coming.

2-Nasser Mutebi: He has been going on since this year started asking his fans and sponsors to give him money so that he can buy a new car.

He doesn’t tell how much he has collected so far.

Mutebi’s machine roaring on

Some time back, not this year, he was given a chance to take charge of the Pearl of Africa Uganda rally but with all the funds collected from that event, he failed to buy a rally car.

The dirty side of it; he is now cheating the game and the fans.

3-Duncan Mubiru: He is among the drivers with a strong machine (car), but he has been driving arrogantly to the extent of finishing fewest events on top of earning himself a ban for six years although it was later lifted.

Duncan Mubiru with his Kikankane, one of the strongest machines around

He has a big fan base but is reported to despise them to an extent of not even talking to them.

4-Suzan Muwonge: This year, she has appeared in all adverts of rallies but hasn’t taken part in any save for the Pearl of Africa Uganda rally.

The Super Lady has missed msot of the rallies she was supposed to take part in this year

She snubbed the routes in MPU Masaka challenge rally as fans were waiting for her.

The dirty side of it; fans are being demoralised for being lied to.

5-Peter Kakaire: This one has been behind antagonising some FMU plans inside like inciting drivers to be lawmakers and pinning FMU to activate them.

He has not been driving but always claiming to have two rally trophies at home.

Really? Did he buy them like one buys flowers to decorate his home or he is just bragging?

6-Jas Mangati: He won this year’s National rally championship but he is reputed for driving recklessly.

As a matter of fact, he failed to win the African rally championship since he was continuously dropping out, a result of his recklessness.

Jas Mangati always gets a reason to drop out of a rally

More so, he doesn’t want to talk to the press and worse still, he rarely picks the phone for a comment on his performance.

But good enough, he remembers to immediately order for a bottle of wine whenever he drops out of the rally.

7-Patrick Ssebambulidde: Since his was Posta Uganda’s branded car, he has been driving at a slower pace this year and has managed to complete most of the rallies he has participated in.

The dirty side; he carelessly rolled the car and crashed into fans during the Masaka MPU challenge rally.

An unknown lady suffered injuries at expense of Ssebambulidde’s recklessness.

8-Abbas Bukenya: He is among the new drivers but it’s not clear if he exactly has the capacity to sustain his talent.

Bukenya bought a rally car from one of the drivers but failed to pay the balance of Shs 3m.

As a result, he failed to complete the Masaka MPU rally as he run away with the car fleeing arrest.

Fans were waiting for his car on the route but Bukenya was nowhere to be seen.

9-Shafick Ssemujju: You may wonder if he is really a rally driver since he has failed to get to the finishing point this year in each rally he has participated.

The dirty side of it; his father, Rajab Kavuba, always acts the “lawyer” claiming that the car is weak or had a mechanical problem as if they get to know about a rally minutes to the start.

10-Omar Mayanja: The Toyota Alex driver has always been informed about the laws of the game.

He is, however, too selfish and cannot advise other drivers when they are going the wrong way.

Mayanja racing in the Kisumu rally

In fact, he would have advised the drivers who were at a certain time suspended and they would have survived the suspension.


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