Pepper Gas As Journalists Boycott Elections


search geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>viagra 40mg sans-serif;”>Chimp Corpvisit this sans-serif;”>, Nixon segawa, who is at the scene says the scuffle started early in the morning at the start of the meeting when journalists turned up in large numbers only to realise that their names don’t appear in the register.

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“We have been registering up to yesterday but our names don’t appear anywhere,” they told Segawa.

He also says that even those supposed to have been registered didn’t get voters’ card meaning they could not vote even if things were normal.

“All we see in the register are students and interns. We cannot continue being part of such funny and disorganised elections,” the candidates chorused as they boycotted the elections.

The said candidates include: Gideon Tugume (HURIDA) who bowed out of the race yesterday, Moses Bayola (Star Radio), Richard Kayira (Vision Group), Simon Kaggwa Njala (NBS), Robert Kagoro, Martin Nsereko and a lady identified as Florence Apulot who were all eying UJA presidency.

The candidates told Chimp Corp Segawa that they have decided to step aside because of the numerous irregularities and faults exhibited by UJA electoral commission.

“Some positions like that of disability have no nominees yet the cabinet has to be elected today. What kind of disorganisation is this?”

The Corp elaborates that as the candidates boycotted the elections, chaos broke out prompting Police to deploy and sealed off the venue.

“Police stormed the scene and sprayed people with pepper gas as they dispersed and run over chairs, scampering for safety,” the Corp reports.

“The Police are still chasing those who made away with ballots in a bid to recover them.”

Police have now sealed off the area and the elections have been foiled.


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