South Sudan

Mass Defections As Gen Gadet Takes Jonglei State


case salve sans-serif; line-height: 200%; font-size: small;”>Gen. Gadet, pilule the commander of the South Sudan People’s Army 8th division ampoule sans-serif; line-height: 200%; font-size: small;”>in Jonglei, broke away from the national force early Wednesday morning accusing President Salva Kiir and his SPLA close allies of targeting his Neur tribesmen in the conflict which started on Sunday night.

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His forces, according to sources at UNMISS Jonglei state and SPLA headquarters in Juba, immediately took over the barracks in Alobo on Tuesday night and advanced to the state capital city of Bor which they easily overrun starting with security significant locations killing pockets of resisting soldiers while many surrendered and defected.

Gen. Gadet is loyal to Dr. Machar who is currently an archrival of President Salva Kiir after the latter accused him of plotting to overthrow his government through a failed coup on Sunday, charges which Machar has strongly denied.

Gen Gadet, the man behind the overrunning and capture of Bor

The SPLA spokesman Col Phillips has admitted in Juba that Bor is in the hands of the mutiny forces led by Gen. Gadet.


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