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Maxime In Preps For Next Motocross Season


mind geneva;”>visit sans-serif; line-height: 200%;”>“Studies have been my first priority this year but come next year, I think I will devote all my time to motocross and maybe win the MX1 category,” he told ChimpSport.

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Maxime Van Pee only participated in four motocross rounds of the eight leaving him positioned in fourth place overall with 267 points in MX1 category where Jesse Kamstra was crowned champion with 408 points.

“Comparing my points with those of the winner who took part in all events, gives me hope,” Maxime noted.

“I am only 141 points behind him though I made it half way. I want to be crowned champion at a certain moment too and I will work for it,” added Maxime, one of Uganda’s best riders.

The absence of Maxime also cost Uganda at a certain point hence losing the East and Central African motocross championship to Kenya.

Maxime, one of the prominent riders, only took part in one round of the three rounds that decide the championship fate.

The next motocross season is expected to kick-start in January next year with more riders expected to join the game.


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