Mbabazi: Njuba’s Life Mirror For Our Self-reflection

website sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Namuddu killed his own son identified as Moses Nsubuga claiming that his father one James Kalibala disappeared from his family after the two picked a fight, weeks back.

Paul Owoli, the DPC Buikwe police station, reveals that the couple was staying in Kibuye, a nearby Kampala suburb, before Namuddu decided to shift and stay in her home village in Buikwe.

“We urge all those experiencing problems within their marriage to always come to police for counselling and guidance, because we have a unit of child and family protection in all police stations in Uganda,” Owoli advised.

Cases of this nature are not common but they are related to those where of recent young mothers have been dumping newly born children in pit latrines, claiming to lack financial assistance extended to them by fathers of the children, for the better living of the born child and the mother.

Owoli affirmed that Namuddu will be charged with murder whereas police is yet to find out whether the father of the deceased has not been extending assistance to his family and if proven guilty will also be charged.

doctor sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Ssebyato, approved a resident of Lugooba Kawempe, was netted after the victim identified him to her parents.

Apparently, the victim revealed that Ssebyatto called her to his room promising her a chapatti before committing the crime.

On hearing the bad news, the mother of the victim made an alarm, area residents started a search, found Ssebyatto and started mob action on him, but he was later rescued by police.

The child has been taken to Mulago National Referral hospital and latest results reveal that the child has been abused.

Hassan Musooba, the OC CID Kawempe police station, cautions parents to keep a close eye on their children especially as the holiday goes on.

He further advised parents to look after their children by themselves, because cases of incest have been witnessed, the act of leaving toddlers behind with their uncles and cousins may lead to committing of a related crime.

This becomes the third victim to be defiled in a week’s time in Kampala and it’s neighbourhood; last Saturday, two cases were witnessed where a four year-old and an eight year-old were defiled in Wakiso.

“Ssebyatto will be taken to court after investigations and is likely to face charges of aggravated defilement,” OC CID Kawempe police station said.

website like this sans-serif; color: #222222;”>In a motion moved by the Prime Minister and leader of government recipe sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Business in Parliament, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, and seconded by the leader of opposition, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, Members of Parliament said that leaders in Uganda have strong lessons to learn from Sam Kalega Njumba, who was a modest, hardworking, dedicated and with a distinction and above all, a life-long fearless freedom fighter.

Mbabazi in his remarks said that due to his political maturity, even after retreating to the opposition, Njuba was the voice of restraint and moderation, and he preached reconciliation, and he always created a middle line-path to peaceful resolution of conflict.

The leader of opposition, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, said that the late Sam Njumba was a skilful politician whose policy of reconciliation saved the country from civil strife and ushered the country into a period of democracy and respect for human rights,”

The Members of Parliament praised Njuba for his capacity to forgive and reconcile with his former politicians, and handling the country’s stability
following the elections which gave power to blacks voted for the first time in that year’s general elections.

Members resolved that they should not be mourning the death of Njuba; whom they described as a democrat, a human rights activist and one, who loved children and humanity; but rather celebrate his life and legacy.

Members agreed that Njumba inspired Ugandans and others to achieve what had appeared unattainable and managed to break through racial and other barriers.

Njuba was finally taken to his home village in Nangabo, Kasangati today afternoon.


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