Besigye Speaks Out On His Support For Lukwago


order http://demainechiropractic.com/wp-includes/class-wp-network.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The former NRA bush-war veteran said on Monday that divisionism amongst opposition political parties in Uganda was one of the key loopholes that would continue to be exploited by government to fasten its grip on power.

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“I should tell you that my struggle against this government has never been about FDC as a party but one for the liberation of Uganda as a nation,” he said.

Besigye’s close relations with Lukwago hit great heights over the last couple of months during the latter’s recent woes at the Kampala Capital City Authority that culminated into his impeachment by the council from his seat as the Lord Mayor.

The resultant protests, arrests and home detentions, street scuffles, teargas, the two endured hand-in-hand throughout, later sparked wild speculations in the media and general public about the motive behind their association.

Lukwago’s growing ties with the belligerent Besigye is also believed by some observers to be the driving force behind his standoff with President Yoweri Museveni, which partly explains the gravity of the embroidered saga at the City Hall.

While speaking at the send off of FDC chairman, the late Sam Njuba, at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Besigye said that it was only wise for members of various parties to join hands regardless of their ideological divergences to first rid the current government, since this was the common cause that they all shared.

“Whoever steps forward, we shall move shoulder by shoulder whether they are FDC or whichever party,” he said.

“In fact we are already struggling with the likes of Hon Mohammed Nsereko, Vincent Nuwagaba and Theodore Ssekikubo who are all NRM. But their sacrifice on the frontline is even more than those who call themselves opposition.”

He added: “Hon Asuman Basalirwa is closer to me more than many people in the FDC, yet he is JEEMA. We are united by the same call for the fight for freedom and therefore our political differences have to be put aside for the time being.”

Besigye further revealed that he is willing to support any individual regardless of his political affiliations provided he comes with constructive ideas which are in line with the respect of the rule of law.

“We shall work with all parties as we have been doing since we have a common cause of liberating our country, we must work together,” remarked Besigye.

“Some people have been blaming me for supporting “Omuloodi” who is not an FDC member. So, I would like to assure you that as long as the Lord Mayor continues advocating for constitutionalism, we shall be on his side.”

Besigye took some time off at the event to call upon his former close Aide, Hon Betty Namisango Kamya, to ‘come back home.’

Kamya quit the FDC in 2009 to form her own Uganda Federal Alliance through which she went on to contest in the 2011 presidential election against incumbent Museveni and her former boss.

On a lighter note, Besigye said of her: “She gave a very distinguished service to this party. She sacrificed a lot. Every time I moved around this country, she was the only person ever available to go with me. That’s why when we started quarrelling; some thought that we were involved in other relationships.”

Kamya admitted that she was still attracted to the party but shrugged, “You know sometimes when you grow old, you have to move on.”

The Lord Mayor on the other hand, appreciated the great support which people have provided to him especially during this period when he is facing a number of challenges and promised not to let them down.


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