State House Fires Back At Gen Sejusa


troche http://couponsavingfamily.com/wp-admin/includes/class-theme-installer-skin.php sans-serif; line-height: 200%; font-size: small;”>In an exclusive interview with the President’s Special Assistant for Communications, visit this site Ms Sarah Kagingo, more about Chimpreports learnt that Gen Sejusa is bound to fail in his campaign and fight against President Yoweri Museveni and the ruling NRM party.

The latest reports show Gen Sejusa claiming that the leader of opposition, Dr Kizza Besigye, won with over 60 percent in the 2006 presidential election something he had never uttered before but until he exiled himself.

Sejusa made the claims during the launch of his FUF party at the London School of Economics on Saturday, where the former coordinator of intelligence organs, told his audience that “in 2006, Besigye won by maybe 69 per cent.”

Kagingo clarified that the claim does not hold water or even add up arithmetically stating “That President Museveni and Colonel Besigye once earned 50% and 69% of the vote respectively, a total of 119%? I don’t expect simple arithmetic to be as “difficult as quantum physics!”.

Kagingo further cleared the air affirming that Sejusa’s claims as usual are “empty rumblings” aimed at tainting the name and person of President Museveni because he (Sejusa) has no evidence to back his claim.

“Is it, honestly, true that Gen Sejusa uttered the words that have gone viral on Facebook?” she queried.

President’s Special Assistant for communications, Sarah Kagingo

She thus dismissed the claims that “Besigye won 2006 elections” as un-founded gossip only intended to blackmail the world and help the General acquire some assistance in his “blind chase” after the Ugandan presidential seat.

Gen Sejusa fell out with government after doctoring a dossier seeking an investigation into reports that army officers opposed to the idea of grooming, Brig Muhoozi Keinerugaba, for presidency, were being targeted for assassination.

The accusation was highly denied by Government stating that there has never been anything called ‘Muhoozi project’.

As such, Sejusa was accused of planning to overthrow President Museveni by penetrating the elite Special Forces Command with spies, only to be busted by IGP, Gen Kale Kayihura.

Well, only yesterday, Kagingo, who has a big following of her university contemporaries and Ugandans in the Diaspora and has also earned herself respect as a firsthand spokesperson of President Museveni, came out with a new take on Sejusa which clearly indicates that the General’s plans and ambitions are mere fantasies of a school boy.

She believes his political grip on Uganda and the amassing of western support in that direction is all doomed for a catastrophic fail.

Here is Kagingo’s full statement:

I listened to one of General Tinyefuza’s interviews with a foreign media house some months ago.

The General had declared war on Uganda, battles to be commanded from a European city! While he “blah-blah blarred” on and on against the person of President Yoweri Museveni, a question was put to him: “You have been part of an army built by President Yoweri Museveni, an army credited for discipline on the continent, one that is said to be professional…why should we believe you?”

“Building a professional army is not as difficult as quantum physics,” Gen Sejusa sought to water down President Museveni’s contribution. According to Gen Sejusa, quantum physics is incomparably the most difficult area on planet earth .

And since “building an army is not as difficult”, why would anybody give President Museveni the credit for constructing Uganda People’s Defence Forces from scratch?

Especially now that the ‘maverick’ Gen Sejusa has a bone to pick with the man at the helm of Uganda?! A man that apprehended Gen Tinye for ruthlessness on civilians, on Ugandans, whenever he was entrusted with command of an operation.

Never mind that quantum physics is only a part of physics, a part of wider matters to do with working from first principles such as what Mathematics is. A part I know was a walk-over for hundreds of contemporaries. And one that forms general knowledge of the mobile encyclopaedia (pun intended) President Museveni is.

Is it, honestly, true that Gen Sejusa uttered the words that have gone viral on Facebook?

That President Museveni and Colonel Besigye once earned 50% and 69% of the vote respectively, a total of 119%? I don’t expect simple arithmetic to be as “difficult as quantum physics!”

Otherwise, I salute the General for forming a party. Uganda is a democratically governed country where political power is contested for. Where one is free to register a political party. Way to go!

Saves one the embarrassment of declaring war on an African country from a European city at a time Africans have, as a block, taken on western countries for choosing to keep Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, and Deputy, William Ruto, at the Hague against the wishes of the Kenyan people who voted them in office, in whose interest, apparently, the ICC claim to be acting.

The point is that European cities may never again cause regime change in an African country against the wishes of Africans, against the wishes of Ugandans in Gen Tinyefuza’s case of ideas of grandeur.

I say, he will lose gas.


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