Baroda Management Ready To Meet Striking Staff


page geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Only staff members at top administrative level, troche most of who are Indians, decease are the only ones who have reported to work thereby taking over all the duties of the cashiers and tellers.

According to some of the bank staff members who begged for anonymity, the Head branch of Baroda which is in Mumbai ordered two years back that “all staff working with this bank should receive a salary increment of 18-20% immediately which the management of Baroda in Uganda has refused to put in place up to now”.

Workers just stood outside conversing in low tones

“For the past period, we have been receiving a fixed salary despite the high inflation rates in the country. We are not given any benefits apart from the little salary yet the Indians who are in top posts receive a lot of benefits on top of their fat salaries,” yearned a staff.

She added: “We are not informed of the bank managerial meetings which are usually held to decide for us, on top of being unfairly promoted at work.”

One of the bank managers in reply to these issues has remarked that “the workers have rushed into the strike yet the management has been working upon their problems”.

Indian managers take over tellers’ duties

“They didn’t inform us about the strike but the management is ready to meet them,” the manager said.

M.K Mukasa, the general secretary for National Union of Clerical, Commercial, Professional and Technical employees, the body of which Baroda is member, has vowed not to persuade the bank staff to return to duty.

“Not until their salaries have been increased as stipulated in the circular issued on September 5, 2013 on salary revision of local officers and supervisors by Bank of Baroda headquarters in Mumbai, I will just sit back and watch,” Mukasa said.

He then added: “This is too much because these people don’t value their workers. I took time to write to them on December 2, 2013 that workers are going to strike because they are no longer patient of the poor working conditions but they turned a death ear.”

Few customers turned up due to the strike

Mukasa also observed that although it is Christmas, the salary these people (Baroda employees) receive at the moment can’t enable them to enjoy the fruits of their sweat.

He further called upon the management of the bank to mind about the rules and laws concerning workers in the country because in many cases, they have violated them strongly.


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