Baroda Employees On Strike Over Poor Pay


view geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Chimp corps, viagra approved Kenneth Kazibwe and Michael Nteza, page who are at the scene right now, have reported that the workers laid down their tools protesting poor pay and lack of health insurance.

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“One of the longest serving banks in Uganda, second on the USE and celebrating 60 years this Wednesday is on fire as its workers are striking over poor pay, no health insurance,” narrated the Corps.

Speaking to one of the workers, the Corps learnt that among other reasons, the workers claim that their counterparts, the Indians whom they train when they get here, are paid over 10 times and given better benefits yet they do the same jobs.

The workers have vowed not to resume their duties until the management has looked into their grievances and actually addressed them in the shortest time possible.

Chimp Corps are still struggling to contact the management and get to the root of the whole problem.


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