Nelson Mandela Laid To Rest


web geneva;”>The burial followed a memorial service attended by Graca Machel, recipe Mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and the entire family, foreign leaders and special dignitaries.

President Jacoob Zuma, who was booed by the audience today, said Mandela’s burial “today marks the end of an extra-ordinary journey that began 95 years ago.”

“It is the end of 95 glorious years of a freedom fighter, a dedicated and humble servant of the people of South Africa, a fountain of wisdom, a pillar of strength and a beacon of hope to all those fighting for a just and equitable world order.”

Zuma said “it has been a long painful week for us, your people, since you took your last breath on the 5th of December 2013.”

He added: “When you became critically ill last year, we were gripped with fear and anxiety. We did not want to confront the reality of your mortality. Over the past 9 days of mourning, people have expressed their grief in various ways. What truly stands out, is the spectacular display of admiration by the thousands who descended upon the Union Buildings in Pretoria to spend just one moment with you, as you lay in state.”

Zuma thanked Mandela for “being everything we wanted and needed in a leader during a difficult period in our lives,” adding, “Whilst your long walk to freedom has ended in the physical sense, our own journey continues.

We have to continue building the type of society you worked tirelessly to construct. We have to take your legacy forward. In doing so, we will continue drawing lessons from your very rich and extraordinary life. We will always remember you as a man of integrity who embodied the values and principles that your organisation, the ANC promotes.”

Mandela passed away last week on Thursday, plunging the world into inexplicable grief.

Until today, his body laid in State where thousands lined up to pay their last respects.

Today’s burial ceremony was punctuated by an energyetic Zulu traditional dance for Mandela’s protection in afterlife.

“One thing we can assure you of today Tata, as you take your final steps, is that South Africa will continue to rise. Your abiding revolutionary spirit will prevail on us to not rest, until the poor and the working class have truly benefited from the material fruits of freedom and democracy which you fought for. Therefore, today we undertake to take forward your promotion of an improved quality of life for all,” added Zuma.

“We commit to work more intensively to deal a decisive blow against the persistent poverty, unemployment and inequality. We pledge to take your vision forward for good schools and hospitals, quality housing and utilities, decent jobs and working conditions as well as efficient and accountable public services. These are unity, selflessness, sacrifice, collective leadership, humility, honesty, discipline, hard work and mutual respect.’


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