Was This Year’s CECAFA “Staged” For Kenya?


search geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Kenya had spent 11 years without this trophy and observers have confirmed that the Kenya-Sudan final game wasn’t convincing enough.

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“Nonetheless, the way in which the powerful teams (Uganda and Sudan) were treated, left many questions in regard to how the tournament would end,” noted critics.

In fact, in his own words, the CECEFA General Secretary, Nicolas Musonyi, was quoted as saying, “thanks the Kenyan Federation for having hosted a successful tournament”.

Critics, who maintain that this year’s tournament was the worst in terms of organisation, further intimate that Nicholas’ words like “successful” lose meaning here!

Meanwhile, Kenya is likely to bid to host some more CECAFA tournaments even without assessing its hosting performance for this year.

This may mean that everything done in relation to “sabotaging” potential contenders to win this year’s CECAFA was intentional.

In the first place, teams like Uganda and Burundi in their first days in Nairobi were not allocated pitches to train from.

This was the first step towards disorganising the teams before tournament could kick-off.

Why didn’t Kenya fail to have where to train from?

If Harambe Stars resided in a hotel like the other teams, were the bills of the hotel paid by the organising committee in time?

If yes, why then would teams like Sudan, Uganda and Burundi be detained in hotels because of unpaid bills by the same organising committee?

Teams in CECAFA have always been going for training, why couldn’t the hotel management detain the teams as they went out for trainings?

If it wasn’t intended, why would Kenya always get to the pitch before any other team, if the tournament was fairly organised?

Kenya may have had a suitable squad fielded in this tournament but the other teams had potential squads too.

The way the visitors were treated was enough to demoralise them hence affecting their performance in quest for the title this year.

Well, what was the problem behind not paying hotel bills yet many companies and individuals paid to the organising committee for proper organisation?

Had they come out with a proper budget for the tournament?

Here, the answer is nobody knows because it would have been public.

Now it’s no more and Kenya are the champions but, has any one on the committee come out to explain what went wrong as a lesson learnt by the host?

Will Kenya ever host a bigger tournament other than CECAFA?

Because the next tournament may only be AFCON but in AFCON, there are 16 teams, and if Kenya couldn’t accommodate 12 teams, what would happen to the 16 teams?

Check the 2013 CECAFA logo: GOtv CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup, celebrating Kenya @50! Really?

You may be thinking otherwise, but the facts bare in front of us, speak for themselves!


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