U-Report Steps Up Public Discussions


decease geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Via U-Report, Ugandans get an opportunity to provide their voices to the policy making and contribute to the improvement and formation of governing policies.

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This is done through sending a question to all registered U-Reporters who give in their views through sending back a reply message to 8500 at no cost.

On Thursday, U-Report laid its rock foundation when it registered its 250,000th Reporter.

“Today, we have hit another U-Report milestone,” said Dr. Shrahad Sapra, the UNICEF representative in Uganda, “with 250,000 Ugandans registered as U-Reporters; Ugandans are increasingly seizing the opportunity of U-Report to express their views and influence public policy and planning decisions that change their lives.”

Since its launch in May 2011, the number of members has greatly increased thereby attracting strategic partnership with civil society organisations, UN agencies and government ministries.

These contribute by selecting poll questions and promoting the platform to Ugandan citizens most especially the youth, as one of the tool for civic engagement.

This platform is now being used by Members of Parliament in soliciting views of U-Reporters in their constituencies on how to improve on service delivery as well as informing them on the problems affecting them.

With all 384 Members of Parliament participating in and receiving feedback from U-Report, issues at the community level are being heard by leaders.

“We are now seeing some impressive results from U-Report,” Said Dr. Sapra.

He added: “Whether it is an MP Requesting a U-Report poll to better understand the issues and concerns of her constituents so she can better represent them in Parliament, an MP launching a polio awareness campaign as a result of limited polio knowledge about polio in her constituents revealed by U-Report poll, or a response to an Ebola outbreak in the district, which was initiated because the reports of outbreak by U-Reporters, U-Report is proving to have a tremendous value in addressing the real time issues that matter to young people across the Uganda”


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