Besigye: How Sam Njuba Died


case geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Besigye also revealed the circumstances under which the former party deputy president and later party chairman died, this saying he succumbed to cancer.

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He, however, said FDC “will take some time before we fully absorb and accept what has happened.”

In a statement released on Friday night, Besigye further notes that the deceased has “entered the freedom fighters’ Hero’s corner with Nelson Mandela.

“They run a good race and kept the faith till the end.”

Njuba passed away on Friday afternoon at Nsambya Hospital where he had been rushed in critical condition.

Preparations are underway for a Memorial Service and burial ceremony.

Below is Besigye’s obituary in full:

The shocking news filtered through to us at about 3 pm of Friday 13th Dec 2013. Our friend, leader, elder Statesman, and fearless life-long freedom fighter, Hon. Sam Kalega Njuba had passed on.

It will take some time before we fully absorb and accept what has happened. Sam visited his doctor for some minor complaint in mid-July this year.

While there, he also remembered to inform the doctor of some fairly long-standing but not serious abdominal discomfort. On examination, the doctor detected that Sam had a problem with his large intestine.

They decided to operate and clear the problem. He was admitted into Nsambya Hospital on 16th July 2013 and operated on shortly thereafter.

The operation went well and he recovered quickly and resumed work at his law firm. On examining the sections that were removed by the surgeons, some cancerous tissues were detected.

It was recommended that an examination to determine whether any of the isolated tissues could have remained in his body be done. That examination is carried out by a machine called PET (Positron Emission Tomography) Scan.

Unfortunately, no such a machine exists anywhere in Uganda. Arrangements had to be made to take him to South Africa. In the meantime, he was started on treatment; on the assumption that some of the detected tissues could have remained in the body.

All the while, Sam remained generally well, though the medicine he was put on weakened him. Three days ago, the abdomen started causing him trouble again and he was rushed to Nsambya Hospital. The doctors were still investigating the cause of this trouble when he collapsed and passed on.

Uganda has lost a wonderful man. He has served his country with dedication and distinction. He was a good man; an accomplished legal practitioner; a distinguished legislator; a government minister that oversaw the making of the 1995 Constitution; a revered Deputy President and later Party Chairman of FDC; and above all a life-long fearless freedom fighter.

Sam loved served his country beyond the call of duty. He cherished his culture and Buganda Kingdom.

I have, personally, known Sam for more than 30 years. I got to know him well when we met in exile in Nairobi in 1981. Eventually, he was the one who organised for me to move back to Uganda and join the bush war.

We have been village-mates in Nangabo for many years. I have lost a friend and father-figure in every sense. I am sure that his greatest dying pain was from the knowledge that the freedom and good government he fought for all his life was still non-existent.

My deepest condolences go to Mrs (as Gertrude, Sam’s wife is fondly known by most of us), all the children, relatives, friends, the FDC leadership and membership, all Ugandans, and more especially to all comrades in the struggle.

Sam has entered the freedom fighters’ Hero’s corner with Nelson Mandela. They run a good race and kept the faith till the end. It is now our solemn duty to ensure that Sam’s struggle is brought to its logical conclusion.

Our country urgently needs and deserves a modern and efficient health care system, among others. We shall not rest until Uganda is free and all our people live in dignity under a democratic government. This is our promise to you Sam; Rest in Peace.

Kizza- Besigye


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