Women Losing Fortunes In Abortion


seek more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>This was revealed in a new study entitled “Documenting the Individual and Household-Level Cost of Unsafe Abortion in Uganda, approved sales ” by Aparna Sundaram of the Guttmacher Institute.

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“The 73% of the women surveyed by the study reported that they experience some adverse economic effects of which 60% of their children lack what to eat and don’t attend school,” the study stated.

Using the data collected from 2011–2012 from more than 1,300 women who had received post abortion care at health facilities, the researchers found out that women who had spent a single night in a health facility faced significantly greater expenses resulting into financial hardships than women who had been treated as outpatients.

The Study shows that a Uganda woman pays Shs 59,600 for abortion procedures and those who receive post abortion complications spend Shs 128,000 for both procedures and abortion complications.

Dr. Fred Mugisha, a co-author of the study says that “findings show that the harm caused by unsafe abortion extends well beyond the health complications women often experience and in order to pay for the needed treatment”.

“Some women have to sacrifice their assets, such as homes or their livestock, and others may incur new debts leaving them in absolute poverty,” Mugisha said.

The proportion of women who reported that their children had suffered negative consequences was highest among teenagers (92%), followed by women in their 20s (62%) and older women (51%).

According to the authors, the findings call for programmes and policies that can help address women’s reasons for obtaining unsafe abortion and diminish the consequences of such abortions, in particular through the provision of abortion services to the full extent of the law.

Moses Mulumba, executive director of the Center for Health, Human Rights and Development, notes in the findings, that more needs to be done to reduce unintended pregnancies by ensuring Ugandan women have access to family planning services.


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