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Parents Warned On Home Fires

click http://cro.vimspectrum.ro/components/com_k2/views/itemlist/tmpl/category.php geneva;”> treat geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The November report shows that the residential fires were on the increase and Police registered 15 fire outbreaks in homes.

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Some of the children are left behind without caretakers and they do play with electrical appliances as they try to iron their clothes leading to electric short circuits in homes hence causing death.

Joseph Mugisa, the Chief Fire Response Services, in an exclusive interview told Chimpreports that one of the causes of fires in residential areas is children playing with match boxes, naked flames, candles left in houses un attended to, and the charcoal stoves.

He also observed that cigarette smokers cause fires in residential homes citing an example of two people who died after a father leaving a half stick of cigarette burning in a house at night.

“Two children died while others were rushed to Mulago hospital,” Mugisa narrated.

Mugisa has urged parents that since this is a rainy season, they should be vigilant about the movements of their children.

“Many of them want to swim in valleys and ponds with out being accompanied by elders or care takers and end up losing their lives,” he explained.

Fire response directorate received 45 calls of fire out breaks and managed to handle 35 fires; in residential areas, there were 15 fires, 9 from containers and kiosks, commercial buildings 5 fires, one motor vehicle rescued, and one market.

However, most fires in homes are caused by electric short circuits.


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