Star Times To Introduce Pornographic Channels In Africa


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ODM and Star Times changed the Top TV brand into StarSat earlier this year after the latter acquired a majority shareholding in Top TV amid opposition from the original shareholders who feared massive dilution of their shares.

Eddie Mbalo, the interim CEO of On Digital Media (ODM) announced that the organisation was “proud to bring porn to South African TV,– including pornography made in Africa in addition to Playboy TV and the hardcore Private Spice channel.”

“We at StarSat are proud to deliver this offering for the first time to South African viewers,” says Mbalo about StarSat’s pornographic bouquet, which South African viewers can now subscribe to at a cost of R159 per month.

ODM and StarSat’s porn plans are raising new concerns within South Africa and the rest of the continent about “a flood of filth” on African TV.

Errol Naidoo of the Family Policy Institute of South Africa has called for a renewed nationwide boycott of ODM and StarSat “with immediate effect”, saying South Africans need to “take a bold and uncompromising stand against the flood of filth infiltrating our nation”.

Naidoo further said: “Research consistently shows that regular porn consumption leads to addictions and often fuels sexual crimes against women and children. “According to Naidoo, “our government is making it easier for children to be exposed to hardcore pornography on the internet and TV”. He says people supporting ODM and StarSat are contributing to pornography on African TV.

In Uganda pornography on television and online has become a major point of controversy and discussion following a recent media scandal where students of one of the country’s top Universities UCU produced a pornographic video which were leaked online instantly going viral.

There is fear that the creation of an outlet for such material could lead to the development and growth of a burgeoning pornographic industry exploiting poor and disadvantaged youth most of whom are unemployed.

Commenting on the reasons Star Times might be pursuing the Porno strategy James Onyango broadcasting consultant based in Uganda with over 20 years of experience in East African television industry said, the Pay television is very competitive and requires an elevated level of investment in both content and infrastructure to successfully penetrate the market, Star times appear to be taking the easy way out as Porn content is very cheap and easily available.

This approach is the typical of a company which has limited resources and wants to make a quick buck.

The problem is the negative effect the broadcasting of such content can have on the market in terms of distorting the playing field and driving the youth towards watching morally unacceptable programming.

He urged the UCC and the other East African broadcasting and communications regulators to be very careful and seek assurances before giving Star Times a license to offer DTH services because it would become near impossible for them to block the pornographic content which would be beamed directly into the household and be readily available to minors.

In Uganda UCC’s spine will be tested by how swift it moves to halt the impending time bomb. Observers say UCC should put in place the necessary structures and policies in place before the digital migration takes place in the next two years and more spectrum is made available to new broadcasters.


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