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Police Arrest Car Thief


and sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Emmanuel Ssekide is said to belong to a group of thugs who hire vehicles from owners and use them to carry out robberies.

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information pills sans-serif;”>According to police publicist, Ibin Ssekumbi, police managed to impound two cars registration No.s UAN 669 X and UAK 582 L.

It is alleged that Ssekide gets vehicles from the rightful owners and distributes them to different people to drive from Bwaise to Kampala.

As a strategy they get passengers’ bags, remove items laptops, computers and put back stones.

Furthermore, Ssekide is given Shs 400,000 a day for hiring the cars.

His house was searched and the police recovered two phones and some documents which belong to different people.

The police have cautioned people to always take note of the number plates.

In a related development, police have got information that some thugs intend to attack petrol stations and have thus cautioned managers and owners to take note.


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