Mao to Museveni: Call Us For Reconciliation Too


order geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%; color: #000000;”>Speaking to the press at the party headquarters in Kampala, thumb Mao observed that “it is very challenging that president Barrack Obama of USA was seen in the same plan with his political opponents to South Africa for the burial of the global icon but Museveni who always professes reconciliation couldn’t invite even one of his political opponents”.

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“So, when Obama talks of reconciliation, we know he means it,” Mao stressed.

“Wouldn’t it be a proper picture of reconciliation for Museveni to arrive in Johannesburg with political opponents including Besigye, Otunnu and Mao,” he wondered.

He then added: “This was also portrayed by his Kenyan counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta at the West gate Mall Attack by terrorists when he invited his political opponents and shared the same press conference calling upon all Kenyans to stand united.”

Mao further noted that it is “so a shaming that now Museveni is going to talk a lot of hypocritical things including democracy, patriotism and reconciliation yet he hasn’t reconciled with political enemies at home who have held a lot of disagreements with him”.

“I would like to challenge President Museveni to start reconciliation from home rather than going to talk about it in S. Africa; in fact my challenge to him would be, that he goes with us to the funeral of Mandela,” Mao said.

The DP president further stressed that “In Uganda, we simply talk about peace, democracy and reconciliation but we don’t practice it.”

Mao clarified that DP, the second oldest party in Africa, has got several lessons to learn from the late Nelson Mandela which include among others; being courageous not physically but morally, learning to forgive those who don’t deserve to be forgiven and humility.

This comes only a day after former FDC president Dr Kiiza Besigye hinted on the need for peace talks between the opposition and the ruling the government.

The party confirmed on Monday morning that they had advocated for such talks since 2004 and that this time they would like to offer the ruling party what they termed as a ‘Loyal Opposition’ in a bid to reach compromise on peace building and stability in the country.

Museveni agreed two weeks ago to dialogue with the opposition parties following the chaos that resulted from Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago’s impeachment.

With one of the oldest opposition parties in Africa deciding to reconcile with President Museveni and his NRM, it truly confirms that so many lessons and inspiration has been drawn from Mandela’s life.

Restraining the events to Uganda, it looks like the opposition is resolved to bury the hatchet and live in harmony with the ruling government.


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