Rwakakamba and Tumwebaze are Possessed haters of the person of Dr. Kizza Besigye


sale geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Rwakakamba, viagra as I can say, more about is possessed just like his mentor Frank Tumwebaze with their hate of the man who has rejected the politics of disfranchisement of the rest of Ugandans.

Violence is the opposite of Dr. Kizza Besigye; for those of us who are privileged to know him and be close to him, it is an uneducated abuse and one of the kind of such ignorance that is being thronged around by the likes of Rwakakamba and Tumwebaze.

When the “Musevenists” feel political pressure, they will use all manner of blackmail to crack down an opponent in the name of survival.

Who has not seen how brutal NRM Police and security organs have treated Dr. Kizza Besigye to naught.

Those who continue to give excuses about the abuse of rule of law towards Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, as Besigye’s fault to have him as a friend, is such regrettably absurd.

Erias Lukwago is a political threat to NRM not only in Kampala but to all Ugandans who subscribe to what he believes in; that every Ugandan deserves to be respected and served equally in transparency and fairness.

Erias Lukwago was not demoted, he was strengthened and supported by Dr. Kizza Besigye as the Lord Mayor candidate of Kampala, from the time NRM tried to rig their way into the seat and that day they got dejected and defeated by the people of Kampala.

They have kept their hate within and they have now unleashed it not only on Erias Lukwago but also on those who voted him into office.

Though Peter Ssematimba conceded as a candidate, NRM “Musevenists” have never believed that Kampala is not in their full control.

Their design of legislating the KCCA Act was to take over Kampala both administratively and politically but it did hit a dead end when Kampala voted Lukwago to office.

How did the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago demote himself? Tell me that Mr. Museveni is not demoting himself by doing the ceremonial duties of a Lord Mayor according to the law? Isn’t that usurping power?

Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, according to the constitution of Uganda, is empowered to be a national leader just like any Ugandan; he is above 35 years of age and indeed has the minimal requirement of becoming the President of Uganda, so relax and take a glass of warm water.

Dr. Besigye and Lukwago are haunted by what they truly believe in and what is right.

Violence is NRM’s design of acquiring power; this can be traced back to 1980 until this day.

Their survival is deeply rooted in using violence on others in order to debase them beyond human dignity in order for them to survive.

If the “Musevenists” like Rwakakamba don’t believe in the ambition to serve Ugandans in higher offices, then they have no reason to become politicians.

Politics is like education, you learn and excel by serving the people’s needs and will.

For NRM, politics is a tool of repression and disfranchisement of a populous.

We all need a better and clean city, but this cannot be done by NRM alone; leadership and administration must be accountable and transparent.

This has been the Lord Mayor’s struggle since day one; he cherishes in respect for the law but NRM is using all manner of violence including hiring goons to beat up lawyers.

Everyone who seeks to bring up Erias Lukwago’s voice is seen as an enemy of the state, which is too simplistic and not what should be done in this age and generation.

Even when Nelson Mandela was alive, African dictators and their tools of propaganda did not learn a bit, but have continued to be a disgrace to our history.

Journalists have been arrested and forced to be suspended and fired from a number of radio stations across Kampala.

What is NRM hiding from Ugandans if they think they are doing the right thing, then why intimidate journalists?

Any sane adviser or assistant cannot waste so much time belittling himself attacking the person of Dr. Kizza-Besigye, unless they are paid to do so.

Any serious young man would indeed be focusing on issues rather than showing their possessiveness on the personage of one being as if their whole pay check depends on mentioning his name and castigating him.

In Dr. Kizza Besigye, I see a man who is struggling for justice, fairness and rule of law for all.


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