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Buganda Premier Rolls Out Environmental Protection Plan


buy http://comerydivertirse.com/wp-includes/registration-functions.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The Katikiro announced a new environmental protection plan which will complement the existing Buganda norms and culture to preserve the environment and keep the climate conducive as it was by the time Uganda was declared the Pearl of Africa.

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While introducing this practice in the Buganda Lukiiko held at Bulange Mengo, the Katikiro remarked, “In the retreat which we had recently in Masaka, it was agreed that as one of the ways to protect our environment, every introduction ceremony held in Buganda, on top of bride price brought by the man will have to include a tree seedling which will be planted at the ladies’ home and in turn the lady will also offer her husband a tree to take back to his parents”.

“These trees which are fruit trees will not only provide fruits to the parents and conserve the environment but will also be a remembrance for the love to parents of both sides,” added Mayiga.

Mayiga further emphasised that “taking tree seedlings to every introduction ceremony is a must”.

It was at this Lukiiko that the Katikiro honoured the great work done by the late Nelson Mandela thereby calling upon all leaders to work hard and be remembered by their good deeds instead of mere words.


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