Opposition Challenge M7 To Proclaim Riches

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The country, however, joined in on a sad note, following the latest report by the Transparency International released earlier at the beginning of the Corruption Week which placed Uganda in the 140th position on the Corruption Perceptions index.

Denmark and New Zealand came first and second respectively, while Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia performed poorest, ranking the last three.

The report showed that Uganda had dropped 10 points in the fight against corruption, from 130th last year.

FDC spokesperson, Hon Wafula Oguttu, attributed this to President Museveni’s persistent lack of concern about the corruption scourge and his party’s adamant refusal to make it a risky venture for any government official attempting to swindle public resources.

Museveni has often times been castigated for enabling corrupt officials to thrive, with the most highlighted incidence being when he paid Shs 100 million to bail out the convicted Capt. Mike Mukula, earlier this year.

He was also once quoted by the media as cautioning his NRM caucus member against ‘exposing their implicated teammates’.

Oguttu highlighted further that there have been various allegations and rumours that the first family owns many of the biggest buildings in Kampala on top of other luxurious properties.

These, he said include, hotels like Hilton Imperial Resort, buildings like Ham Towers in Wandegeya, two others under construction near Shell Bugolobi and in Kisementi, Ugandan Airlines, Shimoni, to mention but a few.

“These allegations that public and all of us believe, are true. They are doing nothing but tainting his name and that of his family and office. You cannot be a leader with such a bad trail of negative reports,” said Oguttu.

“This is why we are asking Mr. Museveni to go on record and declare all his assets and belongings, everything he owns in Kampala, back home and elsewhere, so that we can verify, and have his image cleaned.

“He should allow the media to access and reveal all these belongings so that they can help him dispel all these rumours,” Oguttu added.


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