Kadaga Seeks Close Ties With Kenyan Senate


dosage sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Ekwee had a meeting with his counterpart, pharm Rebecca Kadaga in the morning for sale sans-serif; color: #222222;”>in the Speaker’s Board Room where they discussed, among others, strengthening the relations between the two legislative bodies.

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On her part, Kadaga invited the members of the Kenyan Senate and the Senate employees to come and utilise the Institute of Parliamentary Studies in Uganda which gives quite a number of leadership and debate skills based on the Common Wealth system.

The Senate Speaker also requested Kadaga to assist bring closer their Kenyan Women MPs and train them so as to help bring more women in leadership like in Uganda.

Uganda parliament boasts of an active Uganda Women’s Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) which is currently being courted by many countries in the region including Southern Sudan.

Ekwee, who is in the country for the ongoing East African Community Inter-parliamentary Sports tournament, made to the lobby today, Monday morning, to sign the book launched by the Ugandan Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga, last week.

The visiting Kenyan modern Senate Speaker today joined hundreds who have signed the condolence the book as a tribute to the former South African president Nelson Mandela in the Ugandan parliament.

Speaking to journalists after the signing, Ekwee referred to Mandela as “the most unique person in the World and no one shall get close to his legacy mainly over his only heart of forgiveness after 27 years in prison and the decision not to revenge but sow seeds of peace”.

Mandela’s condolence book was opened by the Speaker last week

“Spending 27 years in prison and ascending to the highest position and power and forgetting all that his tormentors did to him and then again fostering for peace with them, makes Mandela the lone truthful man in the world,” Ekwee said.

Ekwee also asked today’s leaders to emulate the special character of Mandela in always fighting for truth, equality and freedom for all.


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