Election 2016

148 Ugandan MPs Sworn-In

A total of 148 newly elected Members of Parliament were sworn in on Monday- the first day of the 3-day exercise taking place at the Parliamentary building.

The day was programmed for 145 members and feared to be hectic since each MP-elect taking oath is expected to undergo 6 processes but interestingly all were finished before the planned time and instead an additional 3 were included on the list.

The Speaker of the just expired 9th Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, salve http://cbpa.com/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php 2nd Deputy Premier Moses Ali, Ministers Chris Baryomunsi, Sarah Opendi Achieng, James Baba and Aston Kajara were among the notable figures sworn in on the original 145 list.

The additional three members included the Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi and Kampala Central MP Mohamed Nsereko.

The processes after the singing of all stanzas of the National Anthem included Clerk to Parliament calling out the name of the member to whom oaths will be administered.

The lawmaker steps forward to the Clerk’s table where he/she is given a Bible /Koran/Githa.

If he/she wishes to swear by it or makes an affirmation, the member lifts the Bible/Koran/Githa in his/her right hand and swears or makes an affirmation in the presence of the Clerk to Parliament.

The MP signs the Oath Book and has a handshake with the Clerk to Parliament (Presiding Officer) before proceeding to the station to take an official photograph.

The member will then proceed to the table to pick documents.


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