Meet Brains Behind “Visionaries of Uganda”


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Premier Amama Mbabazi launches the book

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In an interview with Rogers Atukunda, the Researcher, Author and Assistant Team Leader of The Visionaries of Uganda, Chimpreports gathered that the idea of this “work of genius” is two years old.

In his Preface to the book, Atukunda says that “man can only live if he dreams and aspires”.

“Vision is the essence of life. The very existence of the world depends (ed) on it. Everything in this country came to be, because a certain man or woman had a vision that something was possible,” he writes.

He argues that it is against that knowledge that the idea of recognising these Ugandans was born.

“I am not writing for the sake of attracting attention. I want to inspire the young, the future generation, to shape its own dreams and keep the nation of the future going,” he pursued.

He further notes that save for research, the team also asked more than 500,000 Ugandans to suggest names of the visionaries and even vote them.

The Visionaries of Uganda was thus published in October 2013.

Rogers Atukunda showcases the book

The author quickly clarifies that the “book does not chronicle the history of Uganda but looks, with a keen eye, at those particular Ugandans who have made a mark in the socio-economic development of the country”.

He quotes a Nigerian writer, the late Chinua Achebe, who said that when a child washes its hands, it eats with elders.

“These Ugandans washed their hands clean; it is high time we sat them on the table of “the elders of the nation”.

On the other hand, Job Mwesigwa, the Co-author and Team Leader Visionaries Of Uganda handbook and Awards ceremony, says that “everyone needs a vision, a goal which is attractive, realistic and credible”.

“Uganda has such personalities who have not only done great things but have also inspired millions from their success. Someone had to recognise them and this became our responsibility,” Mwesigwa notes.

Most importantly, he observes that the book is in line with Vision 2040 (Uganda’s big dream) upon which its idea solely rests.

“People made great things in the past and we have appreciated them. Others will come up to do great things in the future and we want to move with them too, step by step,” he adds.

Job Mwesigwa, Team Leader of the Visionaries Committee and Award giving ceremony

Mwesigwa points out that “all these Ugandans (visionaries) have not lived for the sake of passing the years but have lived for a reason and this reason can be reflected in their works”.

“With the dye of their imagination, these visionaries have painted the nation with all sorts of colours. Allow me the chance to appreciate them,” he concludes.

Had to believe, this is a work of two budding journalists who are confident that “all of must can achieve as long as we aspire”.

Who is Rogers Atukunda?

Rogers Atukunda is a journalist, filmmaker, writer, researcher and educator. He was born in Mbarara hospital on March 27, 1987.

He went to Kitagwenda Junior School Kamwenge, Bigyera Senior Secondary School, Ibanda, St. Kaggwa Bushenyi High School and then got a government scholarship to join Makerere University where he graduated with an Honours (BAEd) in Literature and English Language studies in 2011.

As a Journalist, he has worked for Red Pepper Publications & The Onion, Rolling Stone Uganda,, The Observer and East African Business Link Magazine.

As a filmmaker, he is noted for winning the $2,000 Screenwriting Award in a Maisha Film Lab 2011.

He has worked as a screenwriter, producer, assistant director and director on films like Breaking The Mesh (2012), Me & Myself (2012) and Hang Out (2013).

He has also worked as a Marketing and Communications Agent for Nyati Motion Pictures: a Uganda based Film and Adverts production Company.

He was a research assistant for Ass. Prof. Dr. Sr. Dominic Dipio, Senior Lecturer Literature and Film Studies Makerere University, and for organisations like Action for the Rights of Children (ARC), Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) and Community Efforts for Local Economic Development (CELED).

As an educator, he has taught Literature in several schools in and around Kampala city.

He is the Visionary and Assistant Team Leader, for the record-breaking first ever Uganda Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables Expo held from March 16-17, 2013 at UMA Show Grounds Lugogo (now an annual event).

Who is Job Mwesigwa?

Job Mwesigwa is a journalist, marketer and a mobiliser working with the NRM secretariat. He was born in Bushenyi district.

He is the founder and Chairman, East African Business Link Magazine, one of the leading business magazines in the region. Mwesigwa won an award last year for promoting the region’s integration.

Recently, he was also awarded a certificate of appreciation for promoting Trade Mark East Africa, a donor agency promoting regions infrastructure development.

He is also the Team Leader East African Fruits, Flowers and vegetables Expo, an annual regional exhibition that brings together all players in the horticulture sector.

While in Brussels last year, he managed to bring Adalantex Company Chief Executive Officer from Belgium tosensitise horticulture stakeholders about handling innovations at the Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables Expo held in March this year.

Mwesigwa is kind, honest and one of the most trusted NRM youth leaders in the country.

He was appointed as a research assistant at the NRM Secretariat to work with government departments, ministries and agencies in implementing NRM manifesto promises.

He doubles as the president elect of Africa Young Entrepreneurs Network. He is one of the most inspiring and influential young entrepreneurs in Uganda.


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