Water FC Applies For Big League


ask geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The big League clubs have already played plenty of games almost nearing end of the 1st round but Water, according to its officials, will be able to catch-up.

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“We clearly know what we want to enter and we are ready to meet all quick expenses after being accepted,” said one of the officials of Water FC.

Water was suggesting to be placed in Elgon group to replace Kigezi who bowed out even before the league kicked off because of financial problems.

But the Federation’s Competitions’ Committee is yet to reply Water’s request but they accepted to receive it.

Unfortunately, all the three clubs that were relegated last season have not yet registered.

Aurum Roses, Victors and Water FC were the clubs relegated to Big League but some of which no longer exist.

Big League which is the 2nd top League of the football association in Uganda is made up of 19 clubs.

Big League was divided into two groups of Elgon and Rwenzori which they consist of 10 and nine clubs, respectively.


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