Bebe Wins Battle As Goodlyfe Run Off Stage


purchase sick http://dbkschool.net/wp-includes/plugin.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to Bebe’s promoter, look web Richard Kleberson, the Gagamel crew reggae, ragga giant won the battle.

“After he rocked them with hit after hit and they (Radio and Weasel) run away from the stage after they had also sang all their songs while Bebe Cool was just like starting,” Kleberson posted on his Facebook page.

Bebe announces King of the Jungle

He then added: “When they (Goodlyfe) ran away, big size (Bebe Cool) continued rocking the thousands and thousands of revellers that graced the battle.”

Bebe doing his thing

Sources have confirmed that actually, Radio and Weasel run off the stage leaving crowds shocked and wondering what “spirits had entered their heads”.

Bebe stands shocked as Goodlyfe boys take to their heels

As such, Bebe Cool “rocked the mammoth crowd that attended the battle of champions with hit after hit right from the start of the battle”.

Crowd on tenterhooks as the battle rages on

Kleberson also revealed that “he (Bebe) started off with King of the Jungle singing along word after word to the very last song when the Radios and Weasel had run away one and half hours yet Bebe Cool had more hit songs”.

Cool rocks crowd

“Big up Bebe Cool fans that came in big numbers and outnumbered the cartoon and baboons (Goodlyfe)……..Bebe Cool, number one and will always be,” he concluded.

Gagamel fans show their support

Well, just after the Goodlyfe crew duo had lost out on Channel O Music Video Awards held in South Africa nearly in the same week, it now looks like the rain that set out to “wet them” has not ceased yet.

Other sources have revealed that the duo was not “full interested in the battle of the champions but were using it as a platform to advertise for their two coming shows”.

Radio and Weasel

Efforts to contact the two for their version of the story are still futile.

Meanwhile, as the battle ragged at Kyadondo Grounds, the Jamaican icon aka “bedroom bully star” Busy Signal was busy rocking another section of revellers at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Busy signal performing


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