SC Villa: We Can’t Buy Obua


sildenafil geneva; color: #222222;”> However, top officials in the club have denied speculations and affirmed that they have no idea about the midfielder’s presence in the country.

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“We read about that in one of the newspapers but we have not contacted Obua for any deal, in fact, we don’t know if exactly he is in Uganda as of now,” said Christopher Musoke, one of the club officials.

He added: “The club may be in need of players but really, do we need Obua? Well, you can confirm from the coach about that.”

Nonetheless, David Obua couldn’t be reached for a comment about him joining SC Villa.

Since the former Cranes midfielder run-out of contract with the Scottish Top League side Hearts, he has been trying here and there save for training with Luzira prison-based club Maroons FC.

Meanwhile, Sc Villa coach, Steven Bogere has left all the players to rest until the 2nd round of the FUFA super league resumes.

“The team will have no training session until a date that shall be communicated to them before league begins,” noted the SC Villa tactician.


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