Farmers To Reap Big In New National Coffee Policy


more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to Prof Zelubabel Mujumbi, the state minister for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, a comprehensive coffee policy will help to improve on coffee, the second ranked enterprise among the 17 strategic commodities according to the Development Strategy and Investment Plan 2010/11-2014/15.

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“This new policy which will be launched at Coffee Research institute in Kituuza Mukono district was approved by the cabinet in August 2013,” Mujumbi said.

He went on: “When put into practice, it will help farmers to have a well composed source of information which will help them in improving on their knowledge regarding the improvement of the quality of coffee to be used on the domestic markets.”

The minister remarked that the national coffee policy aims at increasing coffee production and productivity at farm level.

“It will strengthen the coffee research system so that it is responsive to industry requirements and demands,” he added.

The minister further observed that there is need for “supporting coffee specific unified delivery systems that meet the prevailing industry requirements. Supporting specific coffee farmers’ organisations to participate effectively in all stages of coffee value chain”.

He highlighted on the need for streamlining and strengthening the existing coffee laws and regulations at all stages of coffee to ensure adherence to the recommended quality standards.

“Promoting value additions process at all stages of coffee value chain to respond effectively to both national and international market requirement opportunities. Promoting domestic consumption as a way of enhancing coffee industry competitiveness and developing the domestic coffee market are among the many strategies resorted to by the ministry,” Mujumbi clarified.

And finally it will be used for the establishment of Coffee Research Trust Fund which will provide adequate and sustainable funding for coffee value chain.

The minister further called upon all farmers to embrace this new policy which has been brought to increase on their earnings from coffee.


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