Chimp Corp Outs Book On Visionaries Of Uganda


check geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Well, find our own Chimpreports News Editor, ask Rogers Atukunda, has gone out of the way to surpass this not-so-well founded belief.

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The Corp has beaten the odds and written a length book chronicling the visionaries of Uganda in their respective capacities and fields of specialisation.

Front cover of the book

When asked today, Thursday afternoon, to elaborate on his work, Atukunda revealed that “this book is not a record of the history of Uganda but an excerpt recognising those individuals who have done extraordinary things that have put the nation on the world map as well as being branded the Pearl of Africa”.

“In the founding of republics, a nation comes to be because some selfless individuals come out and make their visions realities or do something that changes the lives of others,” Atukunda mused.

According to the Corp, the nearly 300 pages book titled The Visionaries Of Uganda, is divided into sections ranging from nation builders, national defence and security, economists, bankers, educationists and medics, agriculturalists, industrialists and manufacturers, public servants, national resource developers, media, culture preservers to sports personalities, among others.

The book, co-authored with Job Mwesigwa, another long-time journalist, seeks to recognise “those pace-setters and record-breakers in all sectors of the economy. Jose Chameleone claims that Ugandans “Basiima Ogenze” but I want to prove him wrong; that there are Ugandans who appreciate you when you are still alive”!

Job Mwesigwa, a marketer, journalist and political mobiliser

According to Mwesigwa, who doubles as the team leader of The Visionaries Project, the “research took us more than two years. We asked Ugandans to suggest for us names of those leading visionaries and even vote their most revered personalities”.

“As a result, Ugandans named those visionaries who appear in the book. Therefore, the outcomes are not our personal choices but the choices of millions of Ugandans,” Mwesigwa explained.

When asked about the purpose of the book, Mwesigwa argued that “the book not only aims at recognising movers of the earth but also inspiring the young and future generations to believe that they can turn their visions into realities and change this world for the better”.

“It is dangerous to have sight but no vision. The world of the future will be a competitive one and will automatically belong to those with big dreams,” Mwesigwa added.

Elaborating on the same point, Atukunda said that “we did not write this book to attract media or public attention but to motivate Ugandans into believing that dreams come true only if one has the courage to follow them up”.

“A Guyanese poet, Martin Carter, said that people should never sleep to dream but should dream to change the world,” Atukunda added.

On a further exciting note, the two are launching the book tomorrow at 5:00pm, in Katonga hall, Serena hotel Kampala.

“The guest of honour is the Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi himself,” Mwesigwa concluded.

The book’s back cover

Some of the key personalities in the book include the President, the Premier, the First Lady, government servants, business moguls, cultural figures, among others.


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