Public Service Clarifies On Shs70bn Ghost Pensioners’ Scam


visit this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to the reports, information pills the suspicion was raised by the General Manager of Crane Bank, S.K Balani, in a letter he wrote to Public Service inquiring about account holders between 25-35 years of age who appeared to be very young to be pensionable.

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The state minister for Public Service, Hon Ssezi Mbaguta, while addressing the press today, Thursday afternoon, informed the public that the Permanent secretary on November 20, 2013 replied to the query from Crane Bank basing on the Uganda Public Service orders of 2010 and explained how the young pensioners exist.

“Some of the pensioners exist because some offices in which they were working were abolished. So, they became retired,” Mbaguta explained.

Furthermore, retrenchment also leads to the existence of young pensioners with the majority of them being the veterans from the army.

“Some officers retired on medical grounds whereby they were recommended by doctors to retire from their jobs because of their poor health status.”

Some civil servants applied for voluntary retirement and were allowed to retire before the mandatory age of 6o years.

“Some of the beneficiaries of the pension scheme are holders of the estate accounts of the deceased. In case a public servant dies, the ministry is entitled to pay the pension to the next of kin or the dependants of the deceased public servant,” pursued Mbaguta.

The beneficiaries from the ministry of Defence especially orphans, widows and relatives of the military officers, can also receive survivor’s benefits regardless of the age.

Retirement on marriage grounds whereby a female officer who has served for a minimum of five years can retire on marriage grounds and can still receive her benefits regardless of the age.

The minister also remarked that “From the above, it is not true that the beneficiaries who are aged 25-35 years are pensioners. So, the ministry of Public Service is undertaking a rigorous pension payroll cleaning exercise which when completed will restore confidence of all stakeholders about the entire pension payment process”.

“All payments to be made will have to go through a pre-audit system to ascertain that the right amount of money is paid to the beneficiaries,” concluded Mbaguta.


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