Entebbe Hospital Gets Incubator Donation


pill geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>However, medications the national medical stores have intervened by donating equipments, ambulance especially incubators to this facility, to help the mothers in protecting and save the prematurely born babies.

Irene Mpamulungi, the human resource manager of Entebbe General hospital at the rear end of the facility

Among the donations included other equipments like gloves, slashers, and buckets.

According to the General Manager of National Medical Stores, Moses Kamabare, “this time we hope that the number of premature babies who have been dying due to lack of incubators will reduce”.

“The motive of this donation is to reduce on the death of premature babies and also to introduce kangaroo nursing to the mothers all over Uganda,” Kamabare observed.

Statistics show that 40 percent of premature babies die every month because of inadequate incubators in this hospital.

Sanyu Kilibwami, the senior hospital administrator, appealed to the government to increase the number of staff because this time they can’t accommodate all patients around.


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