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Private Sector, NGOs To Amplify Advocacy


information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>PSFU, a body that brings together all actors in the private sector including manufacturers, farmers, traders, bankers, insurance companies etc, expressed their desire to join forces with civil society organisations under their organisation Uganda National NGO Forum [UNNGOF] in a bid to influence the government during policy formulation and implementation.

PSFU’s, Moses Ogwal, made the revelation on Tuesday at a CSO conference in Kampala, where he admitted that private sector is currently faced with a lot of huddles that could only be overcome with help from NGOs.

“As Ugandan private sector players, we aspire to be competitive both regionally and internationally, but we have realised that in this quest, there are areas that we have no control over which can better be influenced by civil society,” Ogwal said.

Areas such as fighting corruption, provision of quality education, health and other social services, as well as putting in place good laws that will further the development of the private sector, Ogwal said could better be advocated for by the voluble civil society organisations.

“For example, we now have an oil industry in the offing; and many of our people in the private sector are eager to play a part, but all we hear are various oil laws being discussed and passed by parliament yet we are not being consulted,” he interjected.

Ogwal revealed further that while PSFU has adequate attention from the president and top political leaders, they are facing stiff resistance from technocrats at lower local government levels.

“It is perplexing that every time we ask audience from the president, he is available and he understands us but when we approach these policy implementers at district and sub county levels, we meet a lot of resistance.”

Civil society on the other hand, he noted, is always in touch with these technocrats during their activities and interaction with natives at the grassroots, and PSFU hopes to have their relations with them bettered.

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