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Kaweesi: Traders May Have Burnt Their Market


rx geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify;”>While addressing journalists at Park Yard market, dosage Kaweesi observed that “Owino market (Park Yard Market) has the poorest people” and thus there is no one who would do something like that to them.

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“I hear there are some traders who get loans and on failure to pay them, they may do such an act. There is also a belief that all of these fires on Owino market are internal but we wouldn’t want to speculate,” Kaweesi said.

He also wondered why it is always Owino that burns and not other markets if the problem was not internal.

The fire burnt the whole market to ashes

“The problem stems from internal administration. Whenever the market burns, the government gives them money which may not be properly shared thus making the aggrieved ones to think of such an act,” he added.

Kaweesi also said that the police are to remain deployed until the situation normalises.

He urged the traders not to reach conclusions of who set the market ablaze but advised them to be calm as police does its investigations.

“This place (Park Yard Market) has people who guard it and are paid, where were all these? However, we are still investigating and we will bring the perpetrators to book.”

“Now if we (police) are to leave, there are some people who want to create a situation where by they will break into the shops and steal properties in them. That is why we are not leaving here,” said Kaweesi.

Meanwhile, most of the shops in down town Kampala remain closed for fear of any chaos that may break out.

Security of both police and military officers remains heavily deployed in downtown Kampala as some traders are trying to get some of the remains of their property.

Meanwhile, protests broke out when Police operations commander for Kampala Metropolitan, Sam Omara, arrived at the scene.

Traders started pelting stones and empty-bottled water asking him to leave.

However, security was quick to react and the situation was brought back to normal.

This is the third time the market is burning and property worth millions lost.


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