Mao: Lukwago To Blame For His Messy Dilemma


case geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>There have been several allegations within the media that the DP president held phone contacts with the party councilors within the KCCA instructing them to vote out the Kampala Lord Mayor, cure Erias Lukwago.

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“We should all understand that for every decision made, there are consequences thereafter; Lukwago’s decision not to stand with DP initially has caused him consequences which he must live to endure,” said Mao while addressing a weekly press briefing at the party headquarters in Kampala.

Mao further noted that the Lord Mayor should avoid using the Democratic Party and its president as a “scapegoat from all the mess that he is in right now but rather to focus on how to come out of it”.

“If you are in a hole, it is always advisable not to continue digging but rather find means of coming out of it,” he advised.

The party president further stated that it should be understood that different councilors hold different reasons as to why they impeached the Lord Mayor and these should be listened to before any criticism is raised against them.

He noted that his interests are in the presidency of Uganda and not leading Kampala adding that he, therefore, has no intention of fighting the Lord Mayor.

“It is irrelevant whether to like Lukwago or not but the major issue is respecting the process through which he came to power which was through a majority vote and “this is what we stand for as DP,” added Mao.

He advised the opposition to always play political cards very well other than engaging a lot of legalities and strength in courts.


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