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PHOTOS: Fire Destroys Park Yard Market Again


more about geneva; font-size: small;”>At the scene, Chimp Corp, Kenneth Kazibwe says the entire market has been burnt to ashes, claiming traders’ property worth millions of shillings.

Speaking to traders today, Chimpreports gathered that the fire started at around 4:20am this morning.

Raging fire flames destroying the market at 4:20am

“The market quickly turned into smoldering rubble with large plumes of smoke billowing into the sky,” said an eyewitness. “I don’t know what caused it.”

The traders also revealed that a fire brigade appeared at around 5:00am but still didn’t have enough water to put out the fire.

Military police arrives at the scene of fire at 4:54am

The fire left a trail of destruction and shattered hearts

According to Police Fire Brigade officer, Joseph Mugisha, “We deployed several fire tenders to battle the flames in vain considering the wooden materials used to construct the market.”

He added: “We could only stop it from spreading to Owino market which is pretty close”.

According to the chairman of the traders, a one Muwonge, the fire could have been started by “people with a bad heart”. This is the third time the market is being burnt in less than three years.

Chaos, however, erupted as tempers of the traders flared, with many accusing the Police of not responding in time.

The market was burnt to ashes

To quell the situation, the Police fired teargas and live bullets to disperse the enraged crowd which was pelting stones at the fire fighters.

Some of the traders were seen breaking down upon realizing the loss of their goods while others tried to save the little they could in vain.

The Police are yet to identify the cause of the inferno.

Anti-riot police personnel blocking vendors from accessing the market

The Nakivubo Park Yard was originally used as a parking area for Nakivubo Stadium. In the 1980s, that part taken over by the market vendors.

Fire Brigade trucks racing to the burnt market

Merchandise being consumed by fire

Wooden materials used in the construction of the market made efforts to contain the fire fruitless


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