Matembe: I’m Tired of Fighting For The Poor

sildenafil geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Speaking at an Anti-Corruption Convention held in Kampala on Monday, here Matembe regretted having spent so much time and energy trying to save Ugandans from greedy government officials, diagnosis and concluded that “fighting for the impoverished people at the grassroots is worthless”.

“There is nothing I have not told these people about how they are being robbed and stripped of all their possessions by government thieves,” she pointed out.

She then added: “But when election time approaches, it’s the same people you see hoping ecstatically having received a bar of soap and a half kilo of salt from the thieves. Then they sing praises and exalt their thieves and gladly send them back to government to steal more”.

Matembe then queried, “How then can you fight for such people? They are hopeless, and now it’s up to them!”

Matembe, having fallen out with the NRM government over third term politics, decided to carry her campaigns President Yoweri Museveni to the grassroots, using civil society outreaches and other platforms.

She has also, over the years, became internationally famed and recognised as a defender of women’s rights.

At the conference, Matembe noted further that it was not the lack of political will as many would assume, but rather the absence of personal will on the side of topmost political leaders, who often times appear to be committed to the fight against corruption.

“For all the years I served in this government, I observed the lack of this personal will at both ministerial and parliamentary levels.”

“When an anti-corruption campaign comes to them as a group, they all rise up and say ‘Yes we shall fight it’. But when it boils down to one individual, they are dreaded and can’t say another word.”

The only remaining solution, Matembe concluded, lies in all Ugandans committing themselves to God.

Like HIV/AIDS, corruption in Uganda is moving closer to proving itself incurable.

Numerous smart ideas have been suggested by society; some logical, some conventional and others extremist, but nothing seems to bear fruit as yet.


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