Kabila Meets Museveni Over M23

try geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Kabila’s trip comes at a time of heightened tensions following the defeat of the M23 rebellion in Eastern DRC.

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Kinshasha has in recent weeks piled pressure on Uganda to hand over senior M23 military leaders especially Brig Sultani Makenga after the rebel force was defeated with many combatants fleeing to Uganda and Rwanda.

Uganda has been spearheading peace talks between DRC and M23 since April 2012 after the fall of Goma.

Kinshasha refused to sign the peace deal at the last minute, saying words such as “agreement” and “accord” should be edited from the text and replaced with “declaration.”

DRC said it was not making peace with defeated rebels, insisting it would only append a signature on a document where is M23 is renouncing rebellion and promising to disarm and demobilize.

DRC spokesperson, Lambert Mende rubbed salt in the wounds of the two countries’ relations when he publicly accused Uganda of providing political support to the rebels.

Uganda responded by warning Mende that such utterances were unacceptable and that Kampala’s intentions were to have a political and peaceful end to the conflict that has left a trail of bloodshed and destruction.

The meeting is expected to heal the wounds between the two countries and also reach a compromise at a higher level to have the peace deal signed.

Uganda believes that M23 fighters, who recently denounced rebellion and handed over their weapons, deserve blanket amnesty as a step towards reconciliation and peace building.

However, DRC and the international community say M23 fighters should face court for abuse of human rights and war crimes.


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